Born To Be Loved

I worked at a Boys and Girls Club and got to visit with some pretty amazing kids. One day the subject was puppies and I happened to have a litter of puppies at home that we were all enjoying watching grow up.  The kids were very excited to learn about them and see pictures and after a bit one child started connecting the dots and asked, “So, you mean you let your dog have puppies just so you can sell them?”

Well, when put that way it did sound rather crass.  We did have puppies to sell them, but we saw it as a wonderful experience and meeting the people who adopted our puppies was a memorable time for us and it was a great life experience for our son who is homeschooled.  But, ok, the bottom line was that if it didn’t make us money, we wouldn’t be doing it.  So I tried to cover my shame as best I could and fess up, “Yes, that’s why we let them have puppies”.

“Oh” she replied, “I would let them have puppies just so I could tell them that I love them”.

All I could think of was, yeah, that’s a great reason too.

But later, as I thought this over, I realized that this is why we were born.  I mean there could be other reasons, but what if the only reason God created man and placed us in such a beautiful creation and went to such great extents to get our attention, to provide for us, to reveal Himself to us, to consistently be there for us, what if the bottom line is just this – we were born just so that God could tell us that He loves us and all the things He has done since are because of that love.

Isn’t it hard to imagine that kind of love?  And if that wasn’t enough, He also sent His son Jesus, to take our place of condemnation so we could be free of it; to take our pain and sufferings so that we could be healed of them as well?  What kind of love is that?

Thank You God for loving me.  For truly loving me and for going to such great lengths to prove that love to me.  Thank You for providing for my freedom from sin and sickness and pain.  Help me to grasp just how deep and how wide is Your love for me and then help me to share it with others who need You.  Amen.