Who Needs Divine Healing When You Have Insurance?

When our son John was two years old, he developed a hernia.  I didn’t know it was a hernia; I only knew that something was growing on his body and it concerned me.  I took him to the emergency room where I was informed that it was a hernia.  I was told that kids never outgrow hernias and they never just go away; it would only be removed through surgery.

We were instructed to see our pediatrian who confirmed the diagnosis and referred us to a surgeon.  Once there, I was told the same thing – this was a hernia, kids never outgrew them, they never went away on their own and it would require surgery.  I was told it was an easy fix and nothing to be concerned about, in fact, he said I could put off the surgery for a couple of months if I wanted to.  No big deal, he said.

Well, it was kind of a bigger deal than he let on.  First of all, this was my son he was talking about and no surgery seems minor when it concerns your kid and secondly, we did not have insurance or the money to pay for the surgery.

We needed a miracle – either the money to pay for surgery or divine healing (please God, heal him without surgery was my heart’s desire) but I prayed that God’s will would be done even if it meant surgery.

I owned a small daycare at the time and explained to the kids there that the Bible says if we lay hands on the sick, they will recover.  I asked those who were willing to come lay hands on John and pray.  All the ambulatory kids came over; the only one old enough to even understand what I said was 3 1/2 years old, the rest were 2 and under, but still willing to stand in agreement!  I began praying a prayer.  One designed to move mountains and the hand of God.  After all, I learned how to do this in Bible school and while it was theologically correct, I knew it wasn’t moving the hand of God.  The kids were looking at me puzzled and so I did the only wise thing to do.  I stopped praying. When I did, the little girl said simply “And please Jesus, make my friend John all better. Amen”

Wow! Have you ever just known that you know that you know that a matter is settled?  It feels like peace, an incredibly sweet peace and that is what I felt. I knew our son was healed.

The evidence of that healing wasn’t visible for several days but the hernia did disappear.  I still had an appointment with the surgeon and so I took John for a checkup.  The doctor was amazed but pronounced him healed; there was no evidence of a hernia.  Praise God!

In the course of one week, I shared that story with two different people groups.  The first group was a Sunday School class of elementary aged children.  Their responses were incredible.  They said things like “Wow! Jesus is so real”,  “He’s just so real!”  “Wow! He just healed him!” “What’s a hernia?”  Their countenances glowed with awe.  They spoked in hushed tones.  It was like we were standing on holy ground.   It was truly an incredible moment.

The next group I shared this story with was really only one man.  A man probably in his seventies that attended the church we attended.  I knew his wife suffered from different illnesse and he was her primary caretaker and I shared the story to encourage him in his faith as he was discouraged.  His response – “What you don’t have any insurance?!”  For the next few weeks when I would see him at church, he would bring me phone numbers and addresses of places to get insurance and names of places to go for medical help for the uninsured.  So deep was his concern over my lack of insurance.

I was shocked at his response.  But I realize now that too many times, we don’t need God when we have other resources.  I have insurance now but my faith is not in doctors no matter how great they may be (please don’t take that personally if you are one), my faith is not in insurance, no matter how great it may be.  My faith is in Jehovah Rapha, The God who heals me and my son and you should you need healing.  He is no respecter of persons and what He has done for our son, He will do for you.  He also hasn’t changed; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He still hears our prayers and heals our diseases.  Isn’t He awesome?

reprinted from my blog  godhappenings.wordpress.com


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